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I spent this evening at a book reading, sponsored by ChiZine Publications. Among the authors reading were Melia McClure (reading from The Delphi Room - Stargate fans may recognize her name, as she was in two episodes of Atlantis), Michael Rowe (reading from his upcoming second novel, Wild Fell - Michael has been a friend since he was Editor Guest of Honour at the 2006 Gaylaxicon, which I chaired), and Christopher Rice, reading from his new novel, The Heavens Rise.

During his signing following the readings, Christopher was kind enough to pose for a photo with me:

And yes, before anyone asks, he's Anne Rice's son - though he's carving out his own niche in fiction quite well. (And in case anyone seeing this is new to the board, or hasn't looked closely at any previous photos I've posted, Christopher is the gorgeous one on the left.)

I had a great time, and am eagerly looking forward to reading both Christopher's and Michael's books. I haven't picked up Melia's, but I may - her reading was excellent as well. Both her and Christopher's selections for their readings had a healthy dose of humour mixed into the horror. (All three books are in the horror genre, which I'm very picky about reading.)
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