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Re: It's my birthday, and I'll cry if I want to

It's human nature to dwell on our fuckups. i think the trick is to learn to forgive yourself for making them and to realize that they were learning experiences and you will never make that mistake again.

I know it's difficult (Hell, it took me soo many years that eventually i forgot i was doing it), but when the negative thoughts get to you, focus on positive changes in your life, or little things that you did right, or something you enjoy.

My point is, if you always choose to look at things in a negative light, you will always be negative. If you always choose to look at the positive things in life, you will be positive. I'm a great example of this. I used to hate life. At one point I was close to suicide. But, through a hell of a lot of HARD work, a lot of setbacks, and a few years of trying, I turned it around. In recent years, I have had people corner me on my gloomy days and ask me "What the fuck is wrong? You're always grasping onto the one small silver lining in whatever goes on in your life. So, when you are gloomy, I know something is dreadfully wrong."
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