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Re: Happy Veterans Day!

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I'm sure the original intent of Veteran's Day was to have veterans going around presuming or demanding thanks from people, so congratulations on nailing the meaning of the day and expressing it in the least arrogant way possible once again.
Actually, the purpose of the post was to thank other Veterans.

For everyone that has stepped up to the plate and taken the oath to place an ideal ahead of self interest, I'm honored to be among your ranks. God bless each and every one of you and may this great country remain a testament to your faithful and honorable service. You are all great Americans!

..and my 2nd post.

Wow, no Veterans here?

Not sure how that can be construed as demanding anything from anyone.
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Re: This whole conversation: <Charlie Brown>Good grief.</Charlie Brown>

To all that serve or have served to defend our freedoms and are willing to give up everything for that, thank you.
Thank you!

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It is true that if the locals chose to keep a form of government based on religious factions that is sad. IMO they have a pretty good example to follow in the US.
Preferably more than 2 parties, like here in most mainland European countries...
America could use some more viable ones as well...
I would agree, the biggest problem is most might as well be from the same party when it comes to spending.
Yankees win 89 games this year and earn a wildcard play-off birth.
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