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Re: Regarding Fan Films set in the Abramsverse

Yes, I said I am up to my eyeballs with my real life right now and haven't been able to visit the boards. (closing 5 halloween stores, booking James' shows, planning and promoting James' shows, planning/designing/creating museum exhibits, getting P2 the stuff they need to film, moving after 21 years....etc etc etc) so if someone was being snide about not getting an answer (which is sounded like) from me, they had higher expectations than I am able to meet.

And I guess I wouldn't have answered. While I believe I am quoting actual emails from the head of CBS legal to me, even if I had time to search through them, I always bow to what James says, as should everyone consider him the "ultimate voice" when it comes to CBS. As he is the primary contact and something may have been communicated in a phone call to him later that made it turn into his "opinion" that it was unwise to do JJverse fanfilms. That's my firm it IS direct competition and they even shut down an "official" TOS museum exhibit...but my opinion isn't really worth a hill of beans..just a voice in the wind. James should always be the last word on these things...
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