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Re: Regarding Fan Films set in the Abramsverse

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The irony of the implied "get a life" from people who make fanfilms is really rather delicious.
She didn't say 'get a life.' She said that she (and I) have lives. And frankly, she asked me privately who that 'crickets' was aimed at,
Why wouldn't Andriech just respond here? I mean, it's pretty evident that the repeated query Maurice posted was about the glaring discrepancy between what Andriech had been telling us all along re: Abrams-continuity vs. what James revealed last week. I just don't know how that could be misconstrued to anyone who tool the time to read the two pages of this thread.

So if it wasn't, you should get an editor.
This indictment is as laughable as it is unnecessarily rude.

I was the most recent person you had attacked, clearly an activity you feel a need to do. And do again. And again.
Please, cite for us examples of Maurice "attacking" you.

I could understand if you were leveling this criticism at me because I do, admittedly, have a tendency to get ahead of myself, but Maurice has never, ever been anything BUT professional and polite on this board.

Unlike most of you in this forum, he's a professional filmmaker and unlike even more of you, he actually knows what he's doing and even more amazing (especially based on how some people have reacted to him here and elsewhere) he continues to share his wealth of knowledge in the Fan Filmmaker and Fan Film Writer's threads.

My primarily purpose when I come here is to make sure I don't miss fan film releases. Ideally, I also track fan films that are being produced. It does not help the accuracy or completeness of Star Trek Reviewed for me to engage in fights.
Except that Maurice's post ("crickets") came nine days after the previous one. Do you think it's possible he might not have been altogether worried about what your opinion is, Barbreader, as you are just a bystander like the rest of us?

Alternatively: In the nine days between those posts, is it possible that he was referring to you as you also had not taken any time to respond?

You guys have lives! That's wonderful. Guess what? Everyone does. It changes nothing though with regard to how lousy Andriech, Loken, James, and David Gerrold have been with their handling of PR here.

But at the end of the day - Andriech is a no-show, unable to answer any of the tough questions. Which, let's be honest, if she can't even get the legal issues right about the production she spends day and night working on and that her boss comes in to publicly dispute with her about, her absence might not be such a bad thing.

Too, now Barbreader you are inserting yourself in to the fight, despite previous suggestion that the comments were not directed at you.

Once again - being in the spotlight is great when things are going well. ""World Enough and Time" is the best fan film ever!" ---> You just won't get enough of Loken, Patty, etc. showing up to answer questions and take the praise. The only person on that damn staff that seems to be any good at answering questions and dealing with the public is GSchnitzer.

"How could you guys have such a ghastly misunderstanding about continuity and what's allowed?" ---> CRICKETS.

Professional production indeed!

So, Barbreader, unless you're actually a part of the Phase II production team and can answer any of these questions, try to accept that perhaps your ruffled feathers here may just be due to unfortunate timing and sequnce of posts made.

You may not miss any of the fan film releases, but you sure as hell miss the point.

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