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Re: Guilermo Del Toro: WB has plans for the entire DC Universe

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Yeah.... I'll believe it when I see it. MoS wasn't a great start, for me, and can't say B&S is leaving me excited either. Marvel jusr did something right especially in look and tone, which MoS jusr got all wrong.
Well.. it wasn't The Dark Knight or Iron Man but it can't be because Superman has a very different tone. For me Man of Steel was good, a solid foundation to build upon.

What WB lacks is the one megahit to initialize the whole franchise (apart from nearly separate movies like Nolan's Batman) like Iron Man did.. i don't know why Iron Man worked so well but i guess it was the cool CGI, the cool one liners and the perfect casting.

Then we have Green Lantern whose CGI was good but totally failed when it came to the costume (about which they did make a big fuss), the one liners were nothing really mind blowing and as much as i like Ryan Reynolds the role just wasn't his as opposed to Robert Downey Jr. who owned Tony Stark and made him one of the most popular movie superhero.

Reynolds as Deadpool however..

I've said it already.. WB just needs the one vision that will drive their movie universe and i don't care if they copy Marvel's approach step by step if it works. They need to find a capable team that will develop this and take it seriously enough to get it across to the audiences.

I hope they succeed.. i'm a Marvel Man myself but DC also has tons of cool potential and the more the better.
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