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Re: Was there a seven year plan?

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The DS9 master plan was as follows:

Yes, that's scientifically proven.

Here's the theory. For every idea, there is only one person in the world capable of coming up with it or even anything similar to it. Therefore if two television shows have any traits in common, no matter how obvious and base those traits are, one logically must have copied the other. If one person came up with an idea for a science fiction show on a space station, then it's physically impossible for anybody else in the universe to think of putting a science fiction show on a space station.

Just like, a few years ago I was talking with my friends and I said "Hey wouldn't it be cool if they did a movie of Ender's Game?" Obviously somebody from the studio was overhearing the conversation and stole my idea.

Frankly, if I found out tomorrow that the makers of DS9 did explicitly set out to rip off B5, I wouldn't give a shit, because both shows feel completely different and the DS9 writers did a better job with it. Star Wars ripped off Hidden Fortress and Flash Gordon. And yeah, who the hell cares?
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