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Re: Regarding Fan Films set in the Abramsverse

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The irony of the implied "get a life" from people who make fanfilms is really rather delicious.
She didn't say 'get a life.' She said that she (and I) have lives. And frankly, she asked me privately who that 'crickets' was aimed at, and I told her I thought your attack was aimed at ME. So if it wasn't, you should get an editor. I was the most recent person you had attacked, clearly an activity you feel a need to do. And do again. And again. I had decided I would let you have the last word. My primarily purpose when I come here is to make sure I don't miss fan film releases. Ideally, I also track fan films that are being produced. It does not help the accuracy or completeness of Star Trek Reviewed for me to engage in fights.

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