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Re: The Voice (U.S.)

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Were the results announced in any particular order? I don't think they were, but maybe I missed it.
Results are never in any particular order. Last season The Swon Brothers were seemingly always at the end of the show to get saved.

I do think they like to keep the last singer saved as someone you're not sure of if they'll make it or go home. So the next couple weeks will probably have a Team Blake singer at the end of the show.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
What happened with Jonny? Like I said I missed this week's episodes, but I thought he was among the frontrunners. Of course, I couldn't hear him without thinking immediately of Collective Soul and/or Eddie Vedder, so maybe it was his 90s-ness that did him in.
I never thought of him as a frontrunner. You can generally tell who has the it factor and who doesn't on shows like this. The blind audition is the only part of the show that's only about the voice, especially once you get to public voting.
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