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Re: Hit a dog on hwy...

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I have Progressive Insurance and they said that I have to pay the deductible on the damages and that it would go as a claim on my insurance and then after the work is done, then they would send the lady the bill and hopefully she would decide to pay it.
That doesnt sound right. Its almost like Progressive (my auto insurance) doesnt want me to do anything. Just go away and keep the damages.
And why should I have to file it as ANY type of claim on MY insurance. It should go on the ladies homeowners insurance right?
That's the same thing Allstate did when a guy changed lanes into me a couple of years ago. Fortunately, I had his insurance info, but I still made the claim through mine. They took my deductible, got the work done, and then fought it out with the other insurance company. About six months later I got my deductible back. No rate increases since I wasn't at fault.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Well, I assume you have insurance which will pay to fix it, but as you noted, you'd have to pay a deductible and will increase your rates because it is a claim being paid against your policy.
If it's covered as a collision event, it could increase his rates. If it's covered as a comprehensive event, it won't. If the animal had been a deer instead of a dog, it almost certainly would be treated as comprehensive. I'm not sure what they do with dogs.
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