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Re: NBA Season - 2013-2014

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Parity, not parody, btw. The NFL has massive turnover in teams, but that helps ensure teams flip over from bad to good relatively quickly. The NBA's salary cap is more likely to lead to salary cap hell (although I think players are more likely to stay with one team, since the rules encourage that). Weak drafts also compound the problem, though, so I don't think going to an NFL-style salary cap redeems all problems.
What do you mean by, "salary cap hell"?

The NBA CBA has always encouraged players to stay with their same teams. But unlike the NFL, there is no "franchise tag" (something the NBAPA fought in the new CBA), so there is a bit more movement among the biggest stars in the NBA than in the biggest of the NFL's stars.

The NBA players were ready to decertify their union and start suing the owners individually rather than agree to a "hard cap" and "francise tags", so no, there is no way the NBA salary rules turn into the NFL's. The NBA players still have too much clout.
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