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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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Marcus could have given them orders to stay out of the fight cause Kirk had some super weapon that only Marcus and his ship could deal with.
See, I like to give credit to writers who actually try to justify why these ridiculous things happen, but I'm not going to give STID's writing trio credit for stuff they didn't even bother to put into the movie. Speculate all you want, but if there's nothing in the film that confirms your speculations, I'm going to conclude that they didn't put much thought into it. Marcus tells everyone to stay out of the fight? I'm not buying it. He's in a bigger, more powerful ship shooting at the flag ship of the Federation that isn't even fighting back. How can anyone look at that and not think "that ain't right". He needs to kill Kirk because he's allied with a terrorist? Well, why not try to arrest him? I doubt that every single member of his +1,000 crew are all in on it and deserve a swift execution.

the problem is that you just don't know how many allies Admiral Marcus has sprinkled throughout the upper echelons of Starfleet Command and how many loyal Captains and other officers are around.
If Marcus actually had that much hidden influence to stop anyone from interfering with his secret business even when he's making a show if it in front of Earth, why does he need to worry about anything at all? Why not let Kirk bring Khan back to Earth and tell his followers to kill them the moment they arrive on Earth? Why is he in such a hurry to destroy the Enterprise when he can sit back and let his loyal officers deal with Kirk and Khan?
Why did Leyton order the Defiant destroyed on the way to Earth just cause they had captured one his spies? He seem to have had plenty of support within Starfleet to stage his take over?

Cause you don't let the truth get out--support or not. You don't want, and--if you can help it-- you don't allow people to ask questions--supporter or not. Plus, even his supporters might have balked at Marcus using Khan or trying to start a deliberate war with the Klingons. Build up for a possible war? Fine. Actually start the war? Different story. Use an Augment, the most diabolical and superior of the bunch? Hell no.

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Vengance's class, or at least the project that led to her, was probably not secret. What the ship could really do or was meant to do probably was.
If it wasn't secret, why does Scotty, a character who happens to know about the Enterprise even before her first mission is so shocked at the sight of it? If the Vengeance isn't secret, why is it being built at a secret location around Jupiter? And if the ship was built years ago, why does Khan say he designed it and that it's designated as a Dreadnaught class as though it was the first time the ship was ever brought up? If it's not a secret ship, shouldn't someone be able to pull up the schematics of it like Spock Prime did with the NuEnterprise schematics onboard that torn up shuttle on Delta Vega?
- Scotty wasn't expecting to find a secret spacedock where he did, much less one with a Starfleet ship being built. As for why build it secret: Cause it's black ops. Officially: Hide it from the Klingons; unofficially keep it off the "official" record.

- Vengeance could have started it's life as an off-the-shelf build and between Khan and Marcus the ship became something different than the official specs. The modifications probably aren't in the official record.

- Khan probably revised and dialed in a lot of the changes. But most of what he did was probably get the ship to the specs he wanted.
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