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Good trailer! Tennant's looking quite a bit older than what he did when he first signed up. I think the aging suits hi a bit though.
From 2005, sure. But not too different from The End of Time. You can tell his skin is starting to droop around his jawline and mouth but he still pulls it off.
Even by 2007 he was looking different than 2005. But yeah, was trying to show the larger difference.

But yeah, similar to End of Time, but I can still see aging, mainly beginning to droop around jawline like you say. Plus the flat hair really is not helping. Should have stuck to the End of Time hair. It's a shame what happens with time. I could definitely see Tennant looking older than McGann does now in a few years time. (does McGann never age!)

I've even noticed quite a bit of aging from Smith too. He has a more mature look and a slightly more lined forehead. Well, that's what happens when you cast them young.
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