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Re: The Disaster in The Philippines (Super Typhoon Haiyan)

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JRS, I'm glad your family and friends are okay.
Thank you all, though I must say that I dont really have a family there, just a gf and friends( albeit very close ones)
I am sorry if my OP was misleading somewhat.

The only 'good news' today is that the estimate of the amount of people killed has been revised downloads from 10,000 to 2500.
I think this estimate is sadly too low, judging what I have read from ppls comments from social media and the local news.
It seems also that many of the bodies are under the ruble or have not been located yet. I hope it would stay under the estimates but I am also afraid of the worst.

I am glad to see that the international community is responding so well to the disaster.
Seems the logistics offer the greatest problems right now and some bottlenecks have appeared..but I am sure that will ease up as soon as the additional choppers and airplanes arrives( from the US carrier and other ships).
Japan is willing to send up to 1000 troops to help, if addition to the 50 people they already have in the area. This is very historical, considering the darker history of these two nations.
It is always great to see the World come together to help a fellow humans in need, wish it would work in non distress situations so well, too.

ShelterBox hopes that it will be able to provide shelter for 4000 families over the next few days.
That is quite brilliant box I must say. It will certainly be useful in a situation like this..and beyond.

I gave some money to the Red Cross myself yesterday. It was not much but I am sure every little bit helps in a disasters like this.
Do you happen to know how long it might take for telephone and internet connections to the Philippines to be restored?
I sadly not have this kind of information...the news are saying from days to weeks but the situation is developing all the time.

News from the Philippines:
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