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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Bound by nothing but the whims of the crew and the need to survive, the residents of the SS Cutty Sark traverse the space lanes in search of that most elusive find: Peace.

Peace to live as you like.

Peace to be your own master.

Peace to tell your tale.

The ragtag crew of the Sark have bet it all on their search. Only time will tell if they find what they're looking for out in the void.


The Cutty Sark is a Star Trek simulation set aboard an old Yridian freighter owned and operated by Captain Thomas Quinn. Not members of any one nation, the crew of the Sark has one concern above all else: Their own interests. Honorable men and women share the corridors with scoundrels.

Players can take up many ship positions from pilot, engineer, cargo handler, fighters or "plain and simple" passengers with their own unique story to tell. All kinds of people find themselves plying the spacelanes in these uncertain times... what is your story?


Feel free to message me here or e-mail me at You can also follow the link in my signature to visit our Nova site at

We look forward to serving with you!
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