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Re: Regarding Fan Films set in the Abramsverse

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That's the response I expected.
Answer to what? From who?
I'm fairly certain Maurice is referring to this post:

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No, Mallory did not. At the time there was a lot of hub bub over merchandising and my personal opinion and recommendation was not to do it. I have all my emails.
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I can confirm there is such a ban. The head of CBS legal gave it to me personally.
So, did the head of CBS legal do this or not?
...which has been roundly ignored by everyone from Phase II so far.

Personally, I find it rather disingenuous and highly suspect that such a large miscommunication could actually have existed between you and James (who in this very thread publicly denied your assertion that it was CBS Legal who put any fan film activity tied to the Abrams films continuity was taboo) all this time. Too, you guys at P2 (all of you) could really stand to take some advice when it comes to your PR machine. From James publicly bitching and moaning about the Abrams films on his Facebook page months before they're released while at the same time you go and use mockups of the advertising campaign of those same films to promote Phase II all the way to here on this very board where it takes constant hounding to get the simplest answers out of anyone (see: Vic Mignona's credit on "Kitumba," or this thread here.)

Perhaps if you guys weren't so sensitive about every last minute detail, you might not have as many vultures circling.

Oh, and sorry if real life prevents some people from being here constantly....
I don't know if you meant this to read as snide, but it's awfully hard not to read it that way. Maurice posed his question on October 31. The question went unanswered and he inquired again on November 2. By November 11, two days ago and nearly two weeks after posing the question for the first time, he posted the response you are now having an issue with.

Nobody expects you to read this site constantly, but it's beyond obvious you guys don't like the spotlight when it comes with tough questions because time and again, you just disappear. You put your titles of all the cool things you do for P2 in your signatures, so it's great when there's praise to be had but the minute there's any kind of accountability, any kind of inquiry that might not make you guys look great, WHOOSH! No one can be reached.
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