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Re: What Do You Want To See In Next Star Trek TV Series?

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A series with good characters, good stories and good continuity.
Continuity with what? The original Star Trek series, or the modified versions of that continuity which existed in the various spin-offs (i.e. TNG pretended the TOS episodes with androids never happened in order to make Data and family unique, Voyager slowed down warp speed rendering many TOS and movie adventures impossible, Enterprise ignored TNG's version of Klingon/human first contact etc)? We're at the point where it's impossible to adhere 100% to whats come before, since they all conflict so much about almost everything.
I'm well aware of the continuity errors in the different Trek series. My hope is that we can avoid such things in the future.

Some of the previous continuity errors are very difficult to sort out, some can be sorted out by ignoring them or trying to come up with some plausible explanation (like my theory about "The Shuttle And Torpedo Building Team on Voyager).

I hope I don't have to see important planets being wiped out just for the sake of it, like Vulcan in the Abramsverse when it's established that they do exist in the TNG era or the dozens of continuity errors we did se in Star Trek Enterprise.
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