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Re: TMP on Blu-Ray

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I found the male voice quite jarring even back in '79.
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I like the male voice. It gave a feeling that I can't describe but was one of the things that I really loved about the movie. Something alien or otherworldly (not quite what I'm going for but the best I can come up with) and that intrigued me.
This may sound sexist, but I think the Enterprise should be female.
I know that was the way it was in the original series but TMP was my first real exposure to Star Trek so I didn't have that expectation. The voice has the same kind of feel, for me, as the male computer voice that was doing the narration on the earlier Tomorrowland Transit Authority ("Now approaching....") at Walt Disney World. For me, it has the futuristic fantastic feel (that is a better description then I used above."
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