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Re: Happy Veterans Day!

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Or maybe they were put off by the more naive, jingoistic, and whitewashing elements of his little speech but at the same time didn't want to say anything that could be wrongly construed as being critical of veterans --rather than the policies they are often asked to enforce, which aren't always about handing out puppies and rainbows like the OP suggests-- on a day of remembrance.
Pretty much. Last time I commented on Yank's posts about American military engagements, I got told to shut up and thank him (not the veterans, him) because America single-handedly defeated Nazism. So, yeah, I was somehow shy of responding to his little ID:4 speech, especially when it could be construed as hating on American vets.

Yanks wrote: View Post
What, are you looking for a French "Fuck Yeah!"?

Maybe you're not from America, I don't know.
Let's see, insulting random countries and implying that anyone who does not share your blind support of war is a dirty furriner (which obviously is intended as an insult by itself). And you wonder why you post didn't receive many replies. But of course, it must be because there are no real Americans here.
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