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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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There's a surprising amount of continuity despite the references to "time can be rewritten". I'm probably as big a fan of Who as I am Trek, and simple things from sound effects, visual elements, the inclusion in the new series of UNIT and references to older Doctors, older props, frequent script references to older stories, some that are nearly fifty years old now (including a reference to a known exodus of Earth by humanity in a particular century from a story from 1975 in a more recent story in 2010), the daughter of a recurring character now appearing in at least two stories, and the Doctor himself of course.
As there is a huge amount of continuity with the old in the new Trek movies, countless references both visual and in-story.
Don't try to argue that canon in Who is meaningless - it isn't, and that renders your point about Spock living through two universes moot as the Doctor is in one universe (occasional hops to parallel realities aside) that (give or take) has a consistent history (the occasional three destructions of Atlantis in the 60's/70's aside) whereas Spock was in one universe with it's own history, and is now in a totally different universe with a totally different history. Not the same thing.
Surely the alternate reality Spock is in now is no different to the alternate realities the Doctor destroyed Atlantis in those three times? I presume those histories branched off as a result of time travels by the Doctor and others, just as the one Spock is in branched from 2233 when Nero arrived?
Doctor Who in 2005 did what The Next Generation did in the 80's - taking the series further, leaving a gap but having it resolutely in the same continuity - except it did so with far more style and panache. It is a continuation of the same story, the story of the Doctor. New Star Trek doesn't do that. New Star Trek is a reboot, with a different story, different continuity. It was perhaps the "safest" option to bring Trek back, and undoubtedly it's been incredibly successful for those involved, but just like TNG and just like Doctor Who, they could have gone forward instead of restarting.
The Doctor does back and fights the Daleks in a timeline where many of his earlier battles with them may or may not have happened. Kirk fights the Klingons in a timeline where his earlier battles didn't. Where's the difference? You say Trek is a reboot, yet it's explicitly tied into the original continuity by time travel.
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