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I love this ship design, very reminescent of the USS Reliant from WOK, always a personal favorite...I like the way this film is shaping'll get bonus points from me if you add a Tellarite or Andorian anywhere in the background...

You know, issues like this get a LOT of attention. We tackle every single important detail of TOS.

So, the question is should there be aliens aboard the USS Ares? More over, are there aliens in Starfleet in the Prime Universe?

Well, let's see....

1. There are no aliens whatsoever on the USS Enterprise in TOS. In fact there are none in Starfleet.

2. Spock is the first Vulcan in Starfleet.

3. The Vulcans fully crew the USS Intrepid (destroyed in the Immunity Syndrome). Thus, this must be under Vulcan control, not Starfleet.

4. Kirk refers to UESPA, the United Earth SPace Probe Agency, which we see in "Enterprise" as well and is referred to in both as "Starfleet Command".

So it seems we don't have integrated crews 100 years after the founding of the Federation. (Granted we do in JJverse, but I am sure JJ didn't even THINK about this question).

So from the above 4 facts, it appears that maybe each member of the Federation has its own fleet. And maybe they coordinate, but don't integrate.

So, in Axanar you WILL see Vulcans in the Federation, and you WILL see an Andorian captain. :-)


not to derail the conversation, but I dont think ive seen any canon source saying that Spock was the first Vulcan in Starfleet. Not even that he was the first to graduate the academy. this was something that fans imagined up outside of the show.

while it is outside of TOS, TAS had several aliens on the bridge. and TMP showed many aliens in the rec room scene. the lack of aliens in TOS was due to low budget. This is why most aliens looked like transplanted humans. so its entirely possible that some of the background people were aliens but of no budget human looking design.
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