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Re: Happy Veterans Day!

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Before you call someone naive due to your poor reading comprehension, you might want to make sure they didn't use those precise words in their own very short post. Here, I'll highlight it for you:

Or maybe they were put off by the more naive, jingoistic, and whitewashing elements of his little speech but at the same time didn't want to say anything that could be wrongly construed as being critical of veterans --rather than the policies they are often asked to enforce, which aren't always about handing out puppies and rainbows like the OP suggests-- on a day of remembrance.

I very clearly separated the veterans themselves from the policies (and by extension the policy makers) they are asked to enforce.

It shouldn't. You're free to post your thread as is, or preferably in a less jingoistic form that just asks to remember those who gave their lives and thanks veterans for their service, which you acknowledged too. It just got clouded a bit by the "America, Fuck Yeah!" message you tacked on, which I was pointing out as a possible explanation for why there weren't more replies when you inquired about that.
Gulf War I

All liberating folks from tryanny.
Locutus of Bored wrote: View Post
Oy vey. That's such an ignorant, simplistic, or flat-out wrong interpretation of events in regard to most of those examples that I don't even know where to begin.
Shall I quote you?

and then there's naively imagining that everything they do is about spreading freedom and protecting the American people from imminent threats.

You shot the arrow, I just turned it around.

And you'll have a hard time justifying that folks weren't liberated from tranny in all those conflicts. Yes, even in Iraq and Afghanistan.

...and stating that doesn't mean on is niave, it just means this isn't a history class.

Oh yay.

What, are you looking for a French "Fuck Yeah!"?

Maybe you're not from America, I don't know.
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