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Re: What's In A Name?

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Well, in UT canon, the USS Endurance is assigned to the Andromeda Galaxy in the series The Endurance of Jesse Yeager..

Not sure if that happened before or after this, chronologically, however.

Though the odds of those two ships making contact with one another in the entirety of an unexplored galaxy is beyond remote.
I had a quick peek at TEoJY and it looks as though things kick off there in February 2377. The Mandela was sent out on her long-range survey mission in mid-late 2376, with news reports taking their time to get out to them, so by the time Takashima and the others go missing they might be oblivious to the Endurance's mission--so they would never know that had an ally in the same galaxy.
The Endurance mission was highly-classified so it is doubtful that any of the Mandela crew would know of it. However unlikely it is that your crew would encounter the Endurance, there is a fair chance they could encounter the H'lranthians as they travel widely. That could be a good thing or a very bad thing depending on the faction they meet. I would suppose the Kelvan (from TOS canon) might still be around the Andromeda galaxy as well.
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