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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Doctor Who was brought back in 2005 with fresh ideas, a frees perspective and brand new stories. It was also brought back without rebooting a damn thing. The Doctor in the 2005 series was very much the same character as the one from earlier series, and there have been numerous links since. Doctor Who is currently (arguably) one of the most successful shows in the s-f genre.

A reboot is one way of doing things anew, but don't say it's the only way when that's patently false.
When did I say that ?
The way your post was worded to my reading was that, to quote said post, "the old series was no longer working": the implication being that because the old series was no longer working, a "reboot" was the only desired or logical outcome. That is, as I said, patently false. They could have rested it for a few years and then brought it back in the Prime universe set seventy years later. It would, depending on talent attached and enthusiasm from those involved, probably have been as successful (in it's own way) as the rebooted variant. Doctor Who's success has proven that one continuity can continue after a break, provided it is given fresh and new ideas to run with.
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