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Re: Did You Like Seven Of Nine?

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I loved everything about her. Except for hooking up with Chuckles.
I didn't. But it would have been more interesting if Janeway had been written as being jealous of Seven.
One of my favorite fanfic writers often presents Janeway as a jealous shrew when it comes to Seven.

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I liked Seven well enough but she suffered from the same problem that Data did on TNG, become more human one week, forget about it the next. I also agree with the complaint about her being a bit of a Mary Sue.
Most people are not linear in progressing in some aspect of their lives that's particularly difficult. There's usually a "two steps forward-one step back" problem at least once, if not several times. And sometimes they'll get stuck on a plateau of sorts for quite awhile before suddenly gaining understanding or insight and moving onward. The Seven we saw at the end of the series had progressed beyond the Seven we saw in "Scorpion." While it may be frustrating from the pov of an audience that wants the story to progress in a linear way, I think it was actually more realistic to have Seven make progress and then stumble and have a bit of a setback at times.

Regarding catsuits... they look very good on real cats. On Seven they looked striking, but given that one of the things she wanted in her holodeck fantasy was a uniform, it would seem she was starting to want to fit in more with the rest of the people on the ship.
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