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Re: If you could bring any Star Trek tech to this world... ?

Transporters, easily. No more traffic jams or drunk drivers; no more hijacked airplanes; no more cruise ships run aground. And a lot less pollution.
Transporters would be incredibly useful. I'm not sure they would eliminate shipwrecks, though, since most people go on cruises for pleasure, not because they're actually trying to get somewhere for mundane business, shopping, etc. But if a shipwreck did occur, transporters would be very helpful in extracting trapped passengers and the injured.

But i'd go with a Replicator.. It will work fine because to "load" it you just stick something in and it scans it.. Boom more of the same.
Replicators have to be programmed, though. I thought it was a more complicated process than just scanning something and getting more. If you don't have an original to scan, how would you ever get original things?
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