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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Animal things that killed Wesley Crusher. He got better.
B is for the Beta Quadrant, one-quarter of the entire Milky Way Galaxy.
C is for Captain Montgomery Scott. Captain of Engineering of the USS Excelsior. But not for very long.
D is for Dathon at El-Adrel.
E is for the Enterprise-D, flagship of the Federation from her commissioning in late 2363 until her destruction at Veridian III eight years later.
F is for Ferengi Marauder.
G is for the Great Material Continuum.
H is for Harry Mudd's big fat belt buckle. It was big and it was fat.
I is for Invisibility cloaks.
J is for Joachim, Khan's right hand man. Played by a J named Judson Scott, who was in the "Pheonix" TV show. Apparently, he wanted big bucks to be in TWOK. "Genesis, yours, forever."
K is for Klingon. Velcro's generic name. In China.
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