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Re: Guilermo Del Toro: WB has plans for the entire DC Universe

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I think it meant something. I think its highly likely he will have a cameo in the next Superman/Batman film to set up a Justice League movie.
I hope Felicity and Diggle get to appear too, it would be funny if he appears as Oliver Queen giving an interview or something and they are seen in the background as "grumpy secretary" and "black driver".
Some random characters could be arguing which one of them's banging Oliver because they both seem awfully close to him and act completely inappropriate considering he's their boss. Plus they're both totally hot. Okay I think I just slipped into fantasy land where Oliver is not in love with stupid Laurel and gets to pick one of the awesome characters as his love interest.

But it does make sense to integrate Arrow (and by extension Flash) into the movie universe, Arrow is a good show and the interpretation of the character would fit into the MOS universe. They get lots of backstory out of the way, fans of the movie get more content and the CW could easily double its ratings for Arrow (from 2.5 to 5 million is not that unrealistic) which means years of Amell abs.
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