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Re: Why I like Enterprise so much

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I've always wondered what the thinking was with T'Pols look in the first two seasons. You take your "sexy" character and put her in a horrible rug of a wig and the ugliest catsuit ever made?
I am no authority on this, but my guess is Jolene may have had other commitments at the time, not allowing her to cut her hair or shave her brows. What those might've been, again, I don't know. Modelling, probably. Or maybe it was social, in origin? A reluctance on her part to "suffer" for her "art." I can relate to her not wanting to go around in public with tufts of eyebrow and a bob cut, when her hair was so fantastic. Kirstie Alley had certainly gotten away with using her own eyebrows in TWOK. And yes, Jolene is hot, but she shouldn't be required to pull off every look and make it look completely natural on her. The show let her down - and us - trotting her out that way. But, again, what can you do? We get what the studio gives us - take it, or leave it, almost.
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