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Re: Happy Veterans Day!

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Maybe it's because it's more of an international board, Yanks, or people were out doing stuff.
Or maybe they were put off by the more naive, jingoistic, and whitewashing elements of his little speech but at the same time didn't want to say anything that could be wrongly construed as being critical of veterans --rather than the policies they are often asked to enforce, which aren't always about handing out puppies and rainbows like the OP suggests-- on a day of remembrance.

There's thanking military vets for their service and remembering those who have died and then there's idolizing them. There's thinking the military is a necessary function that often does some good and then there's naively imagining that everything they do is about spreading freedom and protecting the American people from imminent threats. The OP came off a shade too far to the latter side of both for my tastes, and I imagine it did for some others too.
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