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Re: What next for Section 31? [SPOILERS]

Two more points.

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I’m sure S31 had access to the analysis the Jack pack made of the Dominion War in “Statistical Probabilities”. According to that analysis the odds were completely against the Federation and the best option was to surrender in order to survive and fight another day. I have no military training but from what I read and watched on tv and movies, there’s a “tactic” that when you’re up your neck, with nowhere to go, no hope of rescue or reinforcement, and the enemy is not going to spare your life even if you surrender, you may as well attack and hope to take a couple more of enemies lives before you go down. So, S31 went for it.
It's worth noting that this best-case scenario would not be possible if the Dominion found out that the Federation attempted genocide against the Dominion. Again, given the Dominion's past deployment of biological weapons against rebellious subjects, matching the Federation's attack in kind would be quite plausible.

By closing off a less bad possibility, Section 31 risked the survival of the Federation's populations.

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The Federation didn't follow up the Dominion War by finishing the job that Jem'Hadar had started on the Cardassians, but rather extended an extensive decade-long aid program.

And just in case Cardassia decide to turn against the Federation, guess who has the location and schematic of every water plant, communication network and industrial replicator the Federation provided or help to build in the last ten years? Assuming they don’t already all come with a nice hidden self destruct app that run in cardassian OP, IOS, and Microsoft....
Indeed. Genocide, such as threatened and actually committed by Section 31, is not a Federation value. Even when faced with civilizations like the Cardassian, which have a history of waging aggressive war against the Federation and commit atrocities up to and including medical experimentation on Federation civilians, the Federation chooses instead to rehabilitate these civilizations.

What reason is there to think that Section 31 actually does represent Federation values?
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