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Re: What next for Section 31? [SPOILERS]

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As Bashir said to Sloan in episode “Inter Arma…”: “This war isn't over and you're already planning for the next!”.
I'm not sure that you're accurately reading Bashir's statement. For starters, he wasn't giving Sloan and Section 31 a compliment.

And what if the Dominion retaliated? They were already decimating Starfleet and civil populations in both the Gamma and Alfa Quadrants!.]
Starfleet, yes, but not the civilian populations.

What else could they do? Make fun of Starfleet uniforms to hurt some feelings?
I was thinking of the obvious possibility that the Dominion might respond to Section 31's use of biological weapons by retaliating in kind. Why not? They did that to the Teplans after they only rebelled against Dominion rule.

The point is: S31 believe they are the “good guys” and their cause is justified.
Yes. That says nothing about how effective Section 31 is. It certainly says nothing of the extent to which Section 31 actions can undermine Federation security, by being willing to take significant risks without actually being accountable to anyone.

A major theme in the novels is that Section 31 actually isn't competent, and that its efforts frequently go haywire. In Cloak, ill-judged experiments with the Omega molecule end up making much of the Lantaru sector impassable to warp travel. In Abyss, a Section 31 attempt to take over a Jem'Hadar breeding facility for Federation use leads to one of its agents trying to use it to start a Federation-Romulan war. In Rogue, Section 31 attempts to deal directly with the Tal Shi'ar nearly give the Romulans control over a subspace singularity that would literally give them the power to take over the galaxy.

Going by this evidence alone, Section 31 needs to be destroyed before it undermines the Federation terminally.

And we are not sure how S31 is organized but if it’s anything like the Drug Cartels or Al Qaeda, you haven’t finished writing your press release about capturing “the head” when the replacement is already sipping champagne and celebrating the promotion.
It is worth noting that the mafia in North America, at least, has been substantially weakened from its early 20th century heyday.
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