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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

This was pretty solid, with some good character-building as well as organization-building for SHIELD. We're definitely learning more about Fitz and Simmons now that they're not always joined at the hip. And I liked mixing up the interactions. Skye-Simmons is a fun pairing, and Ward-Fitz worked pretty well too. Nice to see Fitz showing a stronger, more independent side, though I got the sense he was maybe overcompensating for not being the one who saved Jemma last week. And it was interesting seeing Coulson mediate between Skye and Hand, sticking to the party line with Skye but being an advocate for his team with Hand. And I see that he's finally starting to realize something's wrong with his impulse to parrot "It's a magical place" every time Tahiti comes up, and to dig into the question. Oh, and Coulson and May's "talk" where she didn't say a word was fun.

When Coulson came to May after telling Skye about the female SHIELD agent dropping her off, I thought for a moment that we were about to get the revelation that May was Skye's mother. But I guess the agent/possible mother was the corpse in the photo.

I think that, with the appearance of Jasper Sitwell (whose name I keep mixing up with Farley Stillwell, the guy who created the Scorpion), the show has now featured every SHIELD comics character who's appeared in the movies and isn't technically a superhero (like Black Widow or Hawkeye). Plus we get a comics character who hasn't been in the movies, Victoria Hand.

That sandwich sounded really good. Tragic that it had to go to waste.

Oh, and there was a bit of foreshadowing for Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Skye said the Hub was impressive and Simmons replied, "Wait until you see the Triskelion." I gather that's the primary SHIELD ground facility in the comics, and it's been suggested that it will appear in CA:TWS. I take this as confirmation.
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