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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Howdy gang.

beamMe wrote: View Post
I'd go with the larger Excelsior.
CorporalCaptain wrote: View Post
To me, 622 meters is overall more convincing.
Mytran wrote: View Post
FWIW, I think the larger Excelsior makes more sense. The original intention may have been to make it smaller but that's not what we see on screen, and it strains credibility to try and squash everything in.
Albertese wrote: View Post
Yeah, I like the bigger size. Let's not forget that linefrom TUC..."By God, that's a big ship!"

blssdwlf wrote: View Post
I like the larger Excelsior size as well. It meshes alot better with whats on screen.
Alright, so that's five for the large Excelsior...

Patrickivan wrote: View Post
While I like the larger version, and I don't see why it couldn't be that large, it just feels too big for the era... Not exactly a logical statement, but that's my stance on it.
And one for the smaller. Kinda. Any others favoring the smaller one?

Nob Akimoto wrote: View Post
I think you should scale the TMP Enterprise to 725m and the Excelsior to 1,400. >.>
Now you're just making up numbers to mess up my math, ain't ya?

USS Mariner wrote: View Post
I'm almost 100% sure that's Simon Matthew Coles' model of the Excelsior from Sci-Fi Meshes. Ask Tobias, but I'm sure that pic isn't his model.
My bad, it might be but I had seen renders of it with "The Light Works" on them, which I thought was Tobias Richter.

Albertese wrote: View Post
All right...

I've shuffled the drawings a bit to make the two secondary hulls line up at the shuttlebay deck and the forward bulkhead that the defelctor machinery attaches to.

This may not be what you meant, but hopefully it'll get you in the direction you're looking to go in.


That really nicely helps reinforce again how indeed it is possible the two designs are the same ship, just rebuilt and reorganized a bit.

So not that it's very definitive, but this is kind of neat. Have a look at the Lakota and the Defiant scaled against one another.

Interesting how the math works out here...

Defiant - 1381 px
Excelsior - 4934 px

Excelsior @ 622 meters
622/4934 = .126 m/px
1381 * .126 = 174 meter Defiant

Excelsior @ 467 meters
467/4934 = .0946 m/px
1381 * .0946 = 130 meter Defiant

So, with the larger Excelsior we end up with the larger size postulated by Bernd over at EAS, and at the smaller/official Excelsior we end up with a ship slightly larger than the official Defiant size.

Of course, testing anything's scale against the Defiant is like trying to ask a sasquatch if the Lock Ness monster exists...

As a final thought for the day, this is what the 305 meter Enterprise refit looks like next to the Excelsior. Not that I necessarily think the refit has to be 305 meters, mind you. Just for giggles.

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