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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

I just saw Man of Steel a second time on blu ray, and it holds up very well.

I think the complaints about the destruction of Metropolis are overblown. Most of the destruction was caused by the ship before Supes even got there. And then the few buildings that collapse in the Zod fight were caused by Zod. Supes did not cause wanton property damage on purpose in this fight.... unlike the one in Smallville where he's intentionally punching Faora and Non through gas stations and train yards

And I never had a problem with Supes executing Zod. He did it in the comics. The movie makes it absolutely clear that Supes had no choice, and Zod was committing suicide-by-cop and would not have stopped killing innocents unless he was killed.

If I have a complaint about the movie, it's that there's a ship full of twenty or so Kryptonian soldiers who never actually participate in the battle!
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