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Re: Who was your favorite hologram(s)/holographic series?

Julian Bashir, Secret Agent: Particularly liked the view out the round window when they were on a mountain top.

Vic Fontaine: Oh I loathed this my first DS9 watch but it grew on me big time. I particularly like Rom's use of it.

The EMH's Holonovel: Parody! Bitchiness! Grandiose out the wazoo! Pure comedy.

Captain Proton: Queen Arachnia. 'nuff said.

Nazi Program from The Killing Game: The costumes! JANEWAY IN A WHITE TUX! 7 as her beautiful femme partner.. everyone looks beautiful and interesting in The Killing Game.

As to Fair Haven I love the Janeway makes a man storyline but I can't vote for it because quaint bucolic Irish villages are just eye rollingly awful.

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