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Re: My thoughts on DS9

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I think the fact we are still in here talking about the show is telling of both the Trek universe and DS9 as an individual series. I think Berman, Behr, and Piller put the universe that they created in TNG to the test.
That's an interesting way of putting it. I would say they took the existing universe and showed us a tucked away, darker piece of that universe we hadn't seen before. And instead of solving the problem in one episode and warping away, our characters lived there. I think it helped real tension to fester there, which really gave the show a texture and flavor that was unique to the series.

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I think of DS9 as a 177-hour story about Oppression.
Yes. They even found ways to get this theme into smaller aspects of the show as well, like Benny Russell, and even in light-hearted ways with women's rights on Fereginar.

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I think the weakest part of the series was the Maquis. I have wondered if they intended to split the Federation in half or if they were trying to find a way to fight another war with the Cardassians--the Cardassians are honestly arming the other side and the Federation has no choice but to try and stop them, that sort of thing. It seems to just sit there. They repeat themselves over and over again. I understand that the colonists want to go home, but it doesn't peel the layers like it does with the Dominion.
It was an interesting sidebar for me. I thought it really brought out some dark shades of Sisko's character, especially his rivalry with Eddington. But I agree that the Maquis as a presence with purpose was perhaps among the least developed.

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DS9 remains the best show at really picking apart a problem. The problems will be there next week, too.
Excellent post. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I think it would've been interesting to show a dark side to the problem with the Maquis, not to Eddington and Sisko. Like the Federation has a policy to kill the Maquis on-site. Or the colonists have made an arms deal with the Romulans, something like that.
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