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Re: Star Trek: (Unnamed Project) - Crossroads

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Good story, Bry! Despite the Voyager / Lost in Space analogies you have some interesting and important differences: a green C.O., a ship which is alien in origin and operation, and a strange and distant galaxy.
It is tricky to do a fresh take on the ship lost in space storyline. However, with the "Ship" being totally new and foreign to the crew it should give this tale a new angle. Hopefully, when I introduce the rest of the characters it will help to make things pretty different and unique.

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I'm still wondering as to the purpose of the abandoned ship - did the original crew just leave her, were they killed off, or is the ship a devious intergalactic trap designed to whisk away curious interlopers?
All ideas I have had myself for the purpose of the ship, though have yet to decide on one--another I had was that the ship was sent out to collect zoological samples (after all there were 24 different species on the ship when she left our galaxy).

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Glad to see the Admiral is on my side for the moment
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