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Re: THOR: THE DARK WORLD - Grading & Discussion

Grade: A-

I found the film to have excellent pacing and it set up it's premise and introductions, as well as re-introductions, to be well done.

I like how it has an opening monologue from Odin similar to the one from the first film where he talks of "humans once accepted a simple truth....", the continuity there is something I like.

  • The romance is solid, it's fully realized here.
  • Darcy, I actually didn't mind Darcy this time.
  • The call back mentions to Avengers
  • Loki
  • Sif
  • Figga fighting and her death scene
  • Odin
  • Well placed humor
  • King Bor!! (nice delving into more lore!)
  • Captain America's cameo
  • Kurse

  • Seeming accidental ease with which Jane teleports to exactly where the "hard to find" Ether(mcguffin) is located so it bonds to her making her crucial to the plot for 2 acts. I get why, just could used some work.
  • So, where exactly is Odin now?

  • So Malekith isn't really a threat without the Ether? That was my take. I mean yeah, he controls an army but he himself, as depicted here doesn't seem to be a threat to Thor or the 9 Realms without it. In the comics it's not quite that way but I didn't get that vibe in the film.
  • Would I have liked more Warriors 3, yes, but it's neither here nor there. They got about equal time, maybe a tad more here in DW---except for Hogun.

I was never fooled by the cut off hand scene, I did however buy into the Loki death scene. Why? Cause Frigga had died also and was sent off to Valhalla. So with a main character in Loki dead also a trip to Valhalla to revive, rebirth them as has been done seemed a great story point moving forward. A Thor 3 where the journey is made to speak with Brumhilda(Valkyrie) to return Loki and Frigga to the living seemed possible to me.
So when the Asgardian foot soldier reports to Odin they found a body. I believe that foot soldier to have been Loki now. However, what did he do with Odin? Did I miss something.

Only a few nagging things but overall I solid and enjoyable Marvel Studios entry yet again!!
I'll see it at least one more time, not ruling out twice more. For me, better than IM3.
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