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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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TOS shows us that he had little use for people that don't join his cause.
Yep. When Khan had little use for the remaining three quarters of world who would not accept his rule, he.... got attacked by them four years later.

I'm not trying to argue that Khan was a saint. He was a very ambitious and dangerous individual. All I'm saying is that he was more than just a bad guy who wanted to kill people. The part of him that wanted to rule, build an empire, win a world. The STID writing trio didn't seem to think so. Being the most recognized villain in Star Trek, they pretty much decided to solidify that he was just a bad guy who just wants to kill people. They act it out and even spell it out.

When I look at Space Seed, I don't see that. Heck, even when I look at TWOK, his eventual demise is still tragic in and of itself because we'll never know what kind of a world Khan would have helped build. And since these movies are now action movies, I don't think the team have any desire to pursue stories like that. And if you like your direction, that's fine. Just don't tell me that NuKhan is exactly the same as the original. Not in terms of race, ethnic groups or skin color, but character.
Not saying there are the same character by the time we meet Nu-Khan. Yes, I see them as being the same man before the split in the timeline; the same historical figure and the same actions undertaken. I think STID's ideal that he's a war criminal and a genocidal supremacist , jives just fine with TOS and his smug superior attitude. And fits into the ideal that TNG+ introduced that another Khan must be avoided at all costs.

But we see two different men when each Kirk runs into them.

Nu-Khan was humbled, leashed, and had his crew (his family as his calls them) used against him. What we see is a man that's been used and looked down. And abused animal that's turning on it's master.

In Space Seed we had a Khan that was woke up, idol worshipped, and had the senior staff (minus Spock) in awe of him. Khan woke up and saw a world that still admired him.
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