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I just can't watch the theatrical version anymore. And thankfully I never have to again.
I 100% agree. It was like during the rush to edit the movie in 1979---every time they had a scene with any character insight or took a second to pause to address the actual characters---they said, "Cut that out--we need more FX."

Any version of TMP that does NOT contain the part where Spock cries and finally comes to term with "Logic and emotions are not enough." my last place version.

For god's sake Nimoy changed his portrayal of the character from that point on based on that revelation.

Yep the SLV is clunky and poorly edited, but at least it contains the CHARACTERS.

"A crew of a thousand ten miles tall."
"We all create god in our own image."
"I am now discussing the subject of command fitness!"
"Scotty, Be prepared to execute order 2001."

It wasn't a lot of our beloved characters, but it was something---the theatrical has none of them.

Best of all.......

Kirk-----"Tears, Spock? Not for us."
Spock--"No captain, not for us."

They were all about to die and Spock is finding pity for Vejur because it had all the knowledge of the galaxy but didn't have a clue about love, friendship, compassion, loyalty---all the things that Spock had tried to bury his whole life, but realized when confronted with Vejur's pure logic---that was clearly not all that was needed to be truly "human".

They were afraid Spock would be swayed by an adversary that contained all the logic and knowledge of the universe, but instead it did the exact opposite.

Yeah, I'll take that over 3 1/2 extra minutes of "Cloud journey" and "Vejur flyover"
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