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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Rocketeer, your away team build seems a little heavy towards your toon's profession? 1 of each, extra of your profession, plus you? Do you really need 3 TAC or ENG? Idea is there as far as loadout, I just swap that one extra slot. 1 each of TAC/SCI/ENG, Me (obviously), and then the last slot goes to ENG if I'm a TAC, TAC if I'm an ENG. That way, you end up 2 TAC, 2 ENG, 1 SCI. Usually a good loadout. And try to balance the ENG so that one's more offensive one more defensive, and same with TAC when you can.
Scout, I used to do it your way but switched to give it a more fun/roleplaying feel. So yes, each team will lean heavy towards the main character's profession. And you know what - I didn't detect any 'weakness' by building the away teams that way. Here's the away teams for my two main characters, Jho'dig and Doc Lee.

I'm trying to move away from min/maxing and playing just to win. I'm just doing it to have fun now. I'm probably not the player you want to help you with end game content, but if you just want to run around the jeffrey tubes in my old constitution cruiser give me a shout.
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