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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x20 "Tin Man"

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If you can get passed Harry Groener's performance of Tam, this episode is just an average, episodic TNG fare.

Nonsense. This is among the better TNG episodes. It was scripted by the authors of the Nebula-nominated short story "Tin Woodsman", on which the episode was based.
So the authors just retold their own story? Ok. I don't quite see how that automatically qualifies "Tin Man" to be one of the better TNG episodes.

But if that's what you think, I'm perfectly fine with your opinion being different than mine. I'm simply initiating my own thoughts on the episode for the sake of discussion. And what's wrong with an average episodic episode of TNG? Just because it's average doesn't mean it's not worth watching. I liked some of the material that was in this episode and I thought it was visually well done. I don't think it's one of the better TNG episodes because, as is the course of the "episodic" nature of the show, the only important things that happen occur to the one-shot characters and not our main characters.

I understand that's what a lot of trekkies love about Star Trek, but I like it better when the story involves the main cast rather than having them act merely as observers. Episodes like Tin Man are what I consider an average episode to be. Our heroes basically sit back and watch things as they happen while the "one shot" character who's specific to this one story does all the work.
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