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Re: The Vampire Diaries & The Originals

At first I assumed the wolf protecting Haley would turn out to be a member of her family. Marcel ran the werewolves out of the Quarter and into the Bayou.

But, Marcel did toss out a throwaway line about how could a wolf change when there was not a full moon? Tyler is a hybrid like Klaus and can change at will. That coupled with Tyler's get Klaus campaign, makes me think the wolf watching/protecting Haley is Tyler.

Does Tyler know the part Haley played in the massacre of the hybrids and subsequent death of his mother? She tipped Klaus off to help Professor Shane in the wake Silas plot. (I imagine Kol is still shouting I was right bitches from the grave.)

I like that the Originals emphasizes family.

I don't think Klaus felt threatened by Cami. Rather I took it that he was sad that he lost an opportunity for a real friendship by manipulating her.

I wonder what Sophie will pull out of her bag of tricks next? I imagine she is down but not out.

Line of the episode had to go to Elijah when Rebecca asked who they had to kill? How did it go? Probably no one. Possibly everyone.
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