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Episode of the Week: 3x20 "Tin Man"

First let me apologize for not making the post yesterday. I got delayed on such a constant basis I honestly felt bad for missing the Monday routine.

Our episode today is Tin Man, and it's an average episode to say the least. The plot is pretty straight forward and goes in the directions you would expect it to go. A "one shot" character named Tam who manages to communicate with a new "one shot" alien life form. The two of them decide to become best friends and go off together leaving our main characters with a sense of aww and wonder. *checks watch* Oh, good. They're almost here.

I guess what makes Tin Man stand out is the Tin Man himself, who's real name turns out to be Gomtuu. He's a... pine cone(?) shaped creature who has the ability to destroy ships with the power of V'Ger Evolution! Well, that's what I call it anyways since it uses the same effect when V'Ger evolved in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Maybe this is the entity that spawned from V'Ger in TMP and is now back! Weird.

We also get a bit more Romulan action this time around, only in the form of "We can't have anything good!" Romulans who seek to destroy Tin Man by any means necessary. One warbird gets destroyed when Tam warns Tin Man (wait.... Did Tam really name Tin Man after himself in a weird way?) about the danger. It's not a real good scene since the actor playing Tam doesn't really benefit from "close up" shots of him thinking really hard. It just looks silly.

Also gotta give a shout out to the set and props departments for the interior of Tin Man and the cool effect of forming the alien chair.

If you can get passed Harry Groener's performance of Tam, this episode is just an average, episodic TNG fare. While the episode kind of plays out like a Troi episode, it does a 180 at the very end and makes this a Data episode where he learns that being on the Enterprise is where he belongs. Maybe next time Troi.

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