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While Tobias Richter undoubtedly is a fan of Star Trek, it seems there's more to it because his company The Light Works is the one that provided the CGI footage of the big E-D for the TNG remastering!
That's not quite true. While Tobias did create the original model, the actual CG rendering is done by the team at CBS-D.
Tobias has been using the finished CG renderings of the big E-D for the portfolio of his company and I'm confident he'd be giving credit where credit is due. I also do not recall any CBS-D statements from the early season(s) that his model required additional fine tuning. IIRC the (partially CGI) saucer separation from BoBW is the still the same as the one from the pilot episode.
I'm saying the model was originally created by The Light Works years ago, then TLW improved the model to be more accurate to the 6-foot model a few years ago (he even detailed its creation long before the TNG-R project was announced, alluding to it being a commissioned project).

To quote TLW website directly: wrote:
We provided CBS Digital with a High-Res model of the USS Enterprise as well as a couple other models...
My point here is not to take credit away from TLW, they did an outstanding job on the model. Much better than I could ever hope to do. I simply wanted to clarify that they provided the digital model, but they are not rendering any of the VFX themselves, that's being done by CBS-D.

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(TrekCore made this pretty clear in their review of S5), and CBS-D ended up overhauling his model as well.
That's a different story (and a different - - model?).
It's not a different model, it's simply been enhanced. Here's the exact excerpt from the TrekCore review:

TrekCore wrote:
To re-create the magnificent hull-scraping shot in "Unification", CBS Digital first set to work retooling their CG model
It's been alluded to that they're going to have an article dedicated just to the CG improvements as well!

It's the same model that's been re-worked to bring out the best in both the 6- and 4-foot studio models and be detailed enough to allow for close up shots. The updated model blows the one from the first few seasons out of the water, IMO.

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Tobias has been doing these outstanding CG models for years and while they're very well done, I don't this we can assume or extrapolate anything about future CBS-D projects. I may be wrong, but my impression is he was more of a contractor; they bought his original CG model, but he's not really working on the inside.
It seems that CBS-D has not yet chosen a contractor for the DS9 VFX (Tobias would have probably heard). I believe that's the reason why Tobias has showcased what could be done (if The Light Works were hired again).

I don't know at what point in time such a decision would have to be made, but apparently it hasn't been made, yet.

Again, The Light Works was not contracted to do the VFX, they simply supplied a few of the (very well done) digital models. I think it would be great if TLW were able to provide their models for DS9 as well, as what I've seen they're outstanding yet again.
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