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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

My two cents: make your toon a TAC officer. By the time you get to the end, that's what you'll want, and you'll have more time/energy tied up in the first one. It's a DPS game at endgame, don't need to heal others, and even tanking is iffy. You can tweak your TAC build to still do some healing and tanking, and you'll be
better off with the damage boost.

May as well pick a Romulan TAC, while you're at it. Different story progression, but this is the way to go. You get to pick your alignment (Fed or KDF) about halfway in, so you can still go whichever side you like. You get the benefit of getting to use Romulan ships PLUS still all the Fed ship (or KDF) for the most part. Extra range of powers, and have yet to figure out what the downside/tradeoff was supposed to be.

And yeah, for leveling, just pick the cruiser/warbird option. You don't need max damage at lower levels, so just taking a beating gets the missions done faster if you solo them. Just don't buy ships or expensive gear while leveling, you'll never use it again. Best off just taking the free ship, and load up with white gear from the exchange. When you level up, can resell the gear and aren't stuck with it.

Rocketeer, your away team build seems a little heavy towards your toon's profession? 1 of each, extra of your profession, plus you? Do you really need 3 TAC or ENG? Idea is there as far as loadout, I just swap that one extra slot. 1 each of TAC/SCI/ENG, Me (obviously), and then the last slot goes to ENG if I'm a TAC, TAC if I'm an ENG. That way, you end up 2 TAC, 2 ENG, 1 SCI. Usually a good loadout. And try to balance the ENG so that one's more offensive one more defensive, and same with TAC when you can.
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