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Re: "Threshold" Podcast

I absolutely love Threshold. People always have hate eps of any series but with Voyager we can be proud that our ep people love to hate is actually INSANE. No other series goes this far, the Captain mutating and breeding with one of her crew and producing children we actually see! And they are slimy! And not even a humanoid like Deanna got!

People are shocked the first time they see Threshold. And Paris is HORRIFYING looking. He really does look like some B flick horror movie creature.. from the black lagoon yada yada.. and even as you are recovering it is dawning on the viewer that this hideous creature is going to mate with Our Captain. Who thankfully we never see looking quite that hideous.

And the babies are still out there. The story is still out there. These children are listed on memoryalpha under Paris and Janeway's profiles as their children.

Also totally agree about not apologizing.

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