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Re: How I Met Your Mother: The Final Season

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I thought... Eh, another episode without the mother. Then she turned around. Nice twist with Barney having met her already. Then she goes and ruins his fun (and those pick-ups were fun and cleverly written I must say). They have to set her up as being someone special though, something that's been done well so far.

Was this episode connected to an earlier one?
Well it showed that Barney wrote 'The Robin' because of The Mother. If you recall 'The Robin' is the play that Barney uses to eventually propose to Robin. It also reveals why Ted is leaving for Chicago after the wedding, and it also showed why Marshall is so interested in Ted ending up with Robin. Yes it's because of the bet, but also because he wants him to be happy. It didn't really show us anything new, but it did reveal the why and hows of a few things that have come to pass.

I enjoyed this episode a lot. I was already liking it from the start because it was a nice break from this seasons format. I've always defended the new format, but it was nice having a break. I really loved that The Mother was instrumental in setting Barney on the path that lead him to propose to Robin, for some reason that was really touching to me.

Also, it took me about halfway through the episode to realize that Marshall and Ted were watching the Globetrotters play and rooting against them. That was a nice subtle joke.
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