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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel doesn't also reissue a second printing of the long out of print ALIAS Omnibus, Iron Fist Omnibus and DD Omnis by Fraction. As an Omni buyer I could use a few of them.
I'm hoping these shows encourages Marvel to collect the Owlsey/Bright run of Power Man & Iron Fist. Hell, I'd settle for just one more volume in the PM&IF Essential series.

The Alias comic was brilliant -- too bad the omnibus is out of print. Hopefully new series on Netflix will spur Marvel to reissue some out of print material, as you suggested. The Bendis and Brubaker Daredevil runs should always be available to new readers.

I also wouldn't mind seeing the 90s Heroes for Hire series being collected. It may not mesh well with the street-level Defenders that Netflix is cultivating, but I thought it had some solid stories and dynamic art by a young Pasqual Ferry.
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